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Ready-to-use laboratories, equipment and expertise designed to allow you to efficiently reach your next milestone

Testimonial – Agustin Lopez Marquez, SQZ Biotech, co-founder 

“One of our first employees – Jon Gilbert – searched for all possible options for lab space for startups in the Boston area…and he came across VDC, and he could not believe how good it sounded in paper. VDC did not only have top notch lab and office spaces, but it was also affordable and it was flexible enough to cover our immediate and medium term needs. We were fortunate enough to be chosen. From the beginning, the staff at VDC have shown an incredible support to SQZ Biotech and we are very thankful for it.”

In 18 months at the VDC, SQZ Biotech, a spinout of the Langer Lab at MIT, obtained venture backing from Polaris, landed a $500M deal with Roche, and grew to 30 employees. In October 2020, the 106 person company successfully executed an IPO. 

Testimonial – Lea Beaulieu, Platelet BioGenesis, Inc., Associate Director

“We are now far from the days of a one room lab and a small office with 3 people crammed into it at the VDC. We now have over 50 people (and growing!) and over 18,000 sqft of space. Sven (COO & co-founder) and I reminisce on the days when it was just us working in the office and we would be excited when we generated platelets from a bioreactor that was the size of a credit card. The team and resources at the VDC made this possible for us. I am so proud of how far we have come and so grateful for being a part of the VDC community.”


(Included in membership)

Private wet and dry laboratories for 6 persons, fully furnished, serviced and permitted
Private offices for 1-10 persons
Shared desks
Conference rooms
Event space


(Included in laboratories)

3-D printer
Departmental supercomputer
Flow cytometer
Chemical hoods
BSL-2 biosafety cabinets
Deionized water
Vacuum, compressed air and gas
Glass wash
Flake ice


(Included in membership)

-Shipping, receiving and reception
-Server hosting
-Library databases
-Color copying and printing
-Maintenance of permits for all laboratory operations
-EHS training and compliance
-Maintenance of equipment and technical support
-Cleaning and waste removal
-VIP parking

Core Facilities

(Available on a fee for service basis at a discount for members)

High Performance Computing
Animal Vivarium
Vivarium Barrier Suite
Mass Spectroscopy/Proteomics
Flow Cytometry
Broad Spectrum Molecular Imaging
Environmental Analytical Facility
Shared Equipment Core

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(Included in membership)

-Enjoy a vibrant international community of biotech, healthcare and medical device engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs sharing knowledge regularly
-Make connections and get advice during office hours with accomplished entrepreneurs-in-residence
-Attend events specific to the interests of startups
-Find talented and skilled science, engineering and business interns


-Company membership fee depends upon the type of space you use
Offices $1,250
Dry Laboratories $3,750
Wet laboratories $10,000
-Available on a month-to-month basis
-No per person fee

Venture Development Center
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125-3393

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