Student Entrepreneur Program

We’ll help you find an internship, receive mentoring, or obtain a scholarship to start your career in an innovative, fast growing company.


StEP is a program of mentorship, scholarships and workshops offered by the UMass Boston Venture Development Center to entrepreneurial students interested in careers in fast-growing companies.

StEP’s founder, Dan Phillips, pictured above, has been an executive in five technology growth companies over a 30+ year period. His latest startup, CloudHealth Technologies, is one of the fastest growing technology startups in Boston today and has been recently acquired by VMware. Dan also founded the UMass Boston Entrepreneurship Center in 2009 and is an Advisor for the UMass Boston’s Venture Development Center.

The StEP consists of:

-Scholarships for selected students to assist in tuition payments as well as provide mentorship for entrepreneur internship/career opportunities.
-Mentorship to help students identify internship opportunities, develop the skills required, apply for positions, and succeed in the interview process. Mentorship continues through graduation and first job.

Learn more about what the program offers and how to participate by visiting the StEP website. 

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