The New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) has selected ten UMass Boston students as 2018 Hack.Diversity Fellows. They’ll receive career coaching, a summer internship with mentoring, and if all goes as planned, a full-time position, at a fast growing tech company in Boston.

The Fellows are: 

  1. Ariana Gardner, Computer Science, CSM
  2. Armando Origel, IT, CM
  3. Maslax Ali, Computer Science, CSM
  4. Naeem Jones, IT, CSM
  5. Nawfal Cherkaoui, Computer Science, CSM
  6. Flavio Andrade, Computer Science, CSM
  7. Ricardo Dorancy, Computer Science, CSM
  8. Micheline Galindo, IT, CM
  9. Roland Price, IT, CM
  10. Michiele Ogbagabir, Computer Science, CSM

This is the second year of Hack.Diversity, which tackles the under representation of diverse talent in Boston’s innovation economy. Six UMass Boston students were selected in the first year. The VDC’s Director, William Brah, serves on NEVCA’s Hack.Diversity advisory committee.

87 students attended an info session at the VDC organized by Aijan Isakova, Felecia Edwards, and Matthew Power-Koch, and 34 students applied. UMass Boston had the most Fellow selections of any university. 

What does being selected as a Fellow mean? German Martinez, a 2017 Fellow, said at Hack.Diversity’s first year celebration at the Boston Foundation:

“I want to thank Hack.Diversity not only for opening a door for me, but also for preparing me for a career that I can be proud of.”

Through UMass Boston’s partnership with NEVCA we look forward to helping hundreds more of our graduates reach their dreams. Congratulations to all 2018 UMass Boston Fellows!