This is a map of 400+ venture-backed tech companies that have been funded in the past two years. (The map was updated on November 22, 2015.) These are companies working on the hottest areas and technologies in Massachusetts (one could say “in the world”) and they are well on their way to success.*

Why did we put this map together?

For the past several years, the VDC has helped guide UMass Boston students to the best startup companies in Massachusetts. This map is just part of our continued effort to help bridge the talent gap.

Why are we sharing it with you?

Since UMass is here for the Commonwealth, we want to steer all Massachusetts college students in this promising direction.

To continue this mission, we created this map and are making it available to the un-entitled, ambitious, resolute self-learner out there who wants to work in one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

You see, the VDC not only launches companies- we launch careers.

Many success stories can be told about the students we have helped to place in these companies – and there are still more stories to tell.  We have placed over 150 students in internships in startup companies (some are on this map!) in the Greater Boston area.  We covered three students’ success stories back in March, check them out!

For Professionals:

We challenge you to pass this map around to the future entrepreneurs, makers and doers that you know.  Be a #gamechanger!

For college students and grads:

We have all witnessed the dynamic growth of the careers of students that we have connected with these startup companies.  Nothing is more rewarding to see high potential students and grads leading fulfilling careers at high growth, high potential companies.  It’s even more rewarding when they thank us for helping them to get their start, and almost always, they want to give back in some way.

As former VDC Entrepreneur-In-Residence (now CEO of CloudHealth Technologies), Dan Phillips, stated in a recent presentation to UMass Boston students regarding finding the right career path:

1) Find growth

2) Find your passion

3) Find a way to network in

The VDC offers this interactive map to help with steps 1 and 2. These 400+ companies span across thirteen categories and have major growth potential.

In their midst, are the next giants.

And remember, these companies aren’t just looking for scientists and engineers. For every scientist and engineer, who researches and develops the startup company’s product, there are several others with liberal arts and business backgrounds who design the user interface, build communities through social media, help customers solve problems, analyze marketing and financial data, write knowledge-base articles, and perform many other nontechnical tasks, too. Here are the key in-demand skills:

Social Sciences, Economics & Marketing Majors (Great for analytical marketing jobs)

  • Critical thinking and analytical skills; the ability to notice patterns and extract principles
  • Interpreting data summaries and performing statistical analysis
  • Research skills; including the ability to design, conduct, and interpret research

Business & Communication Majors (Great for content marketing and sales jobs)

  • Excellent writing skills and ability to appeal to diverse audiences
  • Critical thinking and analytical abilities
  • Delivering results with strong attention to detail under tight deadlines

Finance & Accounting Majors (Great for operational jobs)

  • Research and analytical skills to make predictions about the future
  • Cross-functional communication skills
  • Getting the details right – the metrics and platform on which the company can grow

Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering Majors (Great for programming, web/mobile development and mechanical design jobs) 

  • Ability to follow complex reasoning and construct logical arguments
  • Mathematics skills (algebra, analysis, geometry, statistics, and applied mathematics)
  • The ability to learn from failure and move on quickly

Biology & Biochemistry Majors (Great for laboratory-based research and development jobs and business development jobs) 

  • Experimenting via trial & error and bouncing back after failed hypotheses
  • Inquisitive with an innate curiosity and figure-it-out mentality
  • Managing data and using it to draw significant conclusions

Psychology and Graphic Design Majors (Great for user experience design jobs) 

  • Understanding of the human brain and research background make you an ideal candidate to design and run user tests
  • Understanding visual design: How does the product look and feel? How do we build quality interfaces quickly and flexibly?

Finding a way to “network in” to one of these companies will take some homework on your part, but no one said these jobs are for the weak of heart.  If you aspire to work for these companies, you must have proof that you are a passionate self-learner on your resume, and you must have the savvy and confidence to get an interview in the first place.

Here’s to changing the game for the class of 2015! Be a #gamechanger!

*Note: Click on the box in the top left corner of the map to filter for emerging tech and/or life science companies. Here are the industries covered and the number of companies in each category:

Industry Companies
Biotechnology • Pharmaceutical • Medical Devices 174
Internet • Digital Media • eCommerce • Software 197
Telecom • Wireless • Mobile • Communications 39
Electronics 37
Healthcare • Healthcare Services 19
Alternative Energy • Clean Tech • Energy • Environmental 25
IT 31
Financial Services/Security 28
Education 22