Well, the VDC isn’t technically a corporation, so this was not REALLY a corporate video.  However, the video that was created stated clear value propositions and call-to-actions, so, in that sense, it achieved a business purpose.  Hence, a corporate video and a stark difference to something like “Kill Bill.”

So…what DID happen when X-Factor Films (A Hollywood 2.0 studio building engaged fan bases around original movies by and about badass women) founder, Lauren Tracy and I got to work together on this video?

1.)  We spent hours trying to find the perfect song to go with our cool video, without breaking the bank.  Corporate and canned music were a BIG no-no, but that is mostly what you get when you search for “royalty-free” music.  As hard as this was, it is well worth the effort.  Thank you premiumbeats.com and The Music Bed.

2.)  We revamped the look of our entire website (vdc.umb.edu) to make a decent home for this new badass piece of content.  It’s like when you get a new couch for your home: the curtains have to go with it, the fake plant that sits next to it, the coffee table, the wall frame, etc.  All the accessories, the surroundings, need to enhance that new couch or it can just disappear into the background.

3.)  The end product felt like a new outfit that just fit us and expressed who we are.  Most people know who they are, but some have trouble explaining it.  This becomes an issue when you are trying to market yourself.  Lauren came in with a pair of creative, fresh, impartial eyes and helped us to clearly articulate who we are and what makes us unique.  We are quite happy with the way we look now!

Enjoy the VDC teaser video and leave us your feedback on our new website- just put it in the comments below!  More videos will be released and blogged about soon here and on our YouTube channel.