NewPower Energy Systems is developing a concentrated solar photovoltaic solution that solves the requirement of inexpensive solar units. The company co-founder is Moresh Kokane. A unique structure, tracking and heat dissipation system reduces material and operation costs of the system. The company has made it to the semi-final round in this year’s MIT Clean Energy Prize competition.

Another renewable energy company which previously joined is Divya Energy, a solar services provider. The company is focused on dramatically improving and simplifying the process of installing solar systems. The founder is Anup Bhagat.

Now, the market is chock full of incentives for solar energy, and developers are rushing to take advantage and kick off projects. But renewable energy and investment are tied to government support, creating uncertainty for next year, according to an article in VentureBeat.

We’re also announcing a startup which joined several months ago. Sustainability Guild International is a social enterprise dedicated to making the strategic leaders of organizations and companies more effective stewards of sustainability. Its research enables organizations to benchmark themselves against their cross-sector peers. The founder is Jhana Senxian, who launched and led the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Practice at Aberdeen.

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