BIOARRAY Therapeutics, Inc. is developing a series of novel diagnostic tests based on gene expression technology. These new tests will detect breast cancer at its earliest stages and will help to predict the best therapy for each individual patient.

BIOARRAY was founded by women to help women with breast cancer. The company is led by a team of scientists with an extensive background in cancer research from institutes including the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Differential Proteomics, Inc. is a start-up biotechnology company focused on transforming the discovery and development of assays for proteins in body fluids and tissues. The company’s technology can rapidly discover the protein differences between biological samples and simultaneously generate the reagents used to develop protein assays. This technology will reduce considerably the time and cost of developing diagnostic tests.

These life science startup companies join Novophage Therapeutics, NobleGen Biosciences, 4s3 Bioscience, Pressure BioScience and GeoMed Analytical at the Venture Development Center.

The Venture Development Center is Boston’s leading startup incubator for technology and life science companies.