Miss last night’s celebration of Commonwealth’s Emerging Entrepreneurs at the Venture Development Center? Here’s a collection of live tweets from our friends:

Setting up at the Next Entrepreneurs event at the UMASS Boston Venture Development Center — very cool space! @MassInno

Hanging out pre-event at the @umassvdc for NEXT…. @GreenhornBoston

At the amazing UMass Venture Development Center celebrating 4 of BusinessWeek’s top entrepreneurs from Massachusetts. @CreateMA

Sitting next to @massinno, @masschallenge and @greenhornboston at the Venture Dev Ctr honoring entrepreneurs. Great place. @ONEin3

Guy from @SCVGNR: "I wake up. I hustle. I go to bed. I repeat." @GreenhornBoston

MORE bummed I’m not at NEXT event with @Evanish, @MassInno @KylePs80 #BostInno has mad love 4 the co’s being celebrated.

"The weather sucks…but STAY IN MASSACHUSETTS!" @GreenhornBoston

"To build a large organization you HAVE TO have diversity…have your employees reflect the world and your client base." @GreenhornBoston

"If you’re not ready to start your own company…go join a startup/entrepreneurial company." @GreenhornBoston

"Learn to sell…sell always. Ask questions" @GreenhornBoston

"Build a network. Get 30 mentors…that way when you have a problem you can call on someone for help no matter what" @GreenhornBoston

NEXT: @Umassvdc "What do I major in in college if I want to be an entrepreneur?" "Do something you love. You have to love your startup." @GreenhornBoston   

MA’s the place to be! Congrats to @emergentenergy @wistia @IdeaPaint @Scvngr! @ONEin3

Amazing amazing night tonight…more supercharging…now back to work! @GreenhornBoston

The Venture Development Center is Boston’s leading startup incubator for technology and life science companies.