Yesterday, Symmetric Computing, a Boston based technology company with offices at the Venture Development Center, released their Trio Departmental Supercomputer.

The Trio allows a large segment of scientists and engineers to realize the benefits of supercomputing, which can substantially improve scientific productivity and product development, at a price point they can afford, and without the complexity of traditional clusters. According to the company, the most demanding applications that previously ran only on proprietary platforms that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars can now be hosted at a fraction of the cost.

The Trio is based on Distributed Symmetric Multiprocessing, a new kernel enhancement, the brainchild of founder and CTO Richard Anderson. His idea was to augment major components within the Linux/Unix kernel with enhanced InfiniBand drivers to enable a distributed shared memory-system on commodity hardware. His hope was to put affordable shared memory supercomputers in the hands of researchers and developers.

To remotely access the Trio for evaluation, contact Symmetric Computing at

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