According to a July 2nd article in the New York Times entitled “Say Hello to Underachieving“, internships available to college students have fallen 21 percent since last year.

UMass Boston’s deep, diverse and hard working student talent pool, however, is being gobbled up by high tech start-ups, and the students are gaining valuable internship experience to supplement their studies, some even getting a pathway to full-time jobs.

Twenty-two students have also received paid internships both in and outside of the VDC. Just this week, we received news that three interns were hired into full time positions as market research analysts by Brighton House Associates.

Another high tech intern, Adrienne, who graduated in May, is now employed by cleantech start-up Viridity Software, the company at which she interned this spring. She saw the potential of the start-up. “I enjoy the feeling of being a pioneer, helping figure out solutions together,” she says in an upcoming article about the VDC in the UMass Boston alumni magazine. She says she has already been on a business trip to New York to watch her boss pitch partnerships to a room full of executives. “That meeting gave me a lot to look forward to in the coming years.” – WJB