Activity trackers and the like have become commonplace in today’s tech news. It seems like every month or so, I read about the release of a new activity tracking device that will help me reach my fitness goals better and faster than without the device. This is all to satiate a consumer that has become more fitness and health-conscious. One company has chosen to join in on the fitness-tracking fun but in a new and innovative way. 

Say hello to the newest member of the VDC community, Perfetch. A startup company that marries technology and biology, Perfetch has created the Perfetch Cube, an intriguing device that looks to reevaluate how we monitor our bodies. Recently, I sat down with Perfetch’s CEO and co-founder, Eric Wang, to gain some insight into his company and what incredible opportunities are possible with the Perfetch Cube.

Christian Vialva: What’s groundbreaking about your company, Perfetch, and it’s technology?

Eric Wang: Perfetch is a data company founded by several “Huskies” from Northeastern University. Our team developed a cutting-edge product called Perfetch Cube, in which users take a 3D “selfie” in five seconds and produce their photo-realistic avatars. We collect hundreds of data points on the surface of each user’s human body by a single scan, allowing us to help gym-goers manage, track and visualize the changes to their body size over time. Our goal is to motivate people to fundamentally develop a healthy life style.


CV: What was your inspiration for the Perfetch Cube?

EW: About two years ago, I decided to lose weight and started workout almost every day. However, after a month hard work, my weight remained the same which made me frustrated. But actually I was feeling fitter. I took some measurements. You know what? I lost .78’’ on my waist.

Taking all measurements is inconvenient and time-consuming. I think there should be a better way to solve it. This is how we started building Perfetch Cube.


CV: In recent years, wearable technology has exploded, most of the devices focusing on assisting the user achieve fitness goals. How could the Perfetch Cube complement someone’s fitness goals?

EW: 1/10 Americans over 18 now owns an activity tracker. However, more than half of U.S. consumers who have owned a tracker no longer use it. Why? It’s quite simple because the users still don’t know how they are doing even if their trackers can record their calorie consumption and daily activities. Perfetch Cube can show users every single change to their body size. Our technology allows users to visualize their progress as their body is changing and compare these changes throughout the fitness journey. Perfetch Cube will motivate users to make necessary changes in their nutrition and exercise program to ensure their measurements such as Waist-to-Hip ratio stay in a healthy rage.


CV: In addition to being used by health and fitness users, how else might the Perfetch Cube be used to enhance someone’s life?

EW: Perfetch Cube can also be used in variety ways. First, users can use their body measurements to shop online in order to find right size garments. Second, photo-realistic models can be used in animation and gaming. Third, the health-related data, such as BMI, body fat percentage and Waist-to-Hip Ratio, can be used in healthcare. Later we are going to open our API to developers so that they can discover more features under the users’ permission.


CV: Finally, why did you choose the VDC?

EW: VDC is a great place to work. First, the staffs working there are really helpful for us to settle down. They helped us find a location for our demo Cube. Second, we love the environment of VDC. There is a beautiful view from the office. Third, the Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence program is perfect for us, as international students to launch our entrepreneurial ventures.