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Sadhana Palugulla, UMass Boston, computer science major, is the new Customer Support and Data Administration intern at Buzzient, a Cambridge-based startup that provides social media analytics software, attracting business customers from gaming to financial services.

Buzzient is the first company to develop an application that integrates social media from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, blogs and other social media to, SugarCRM, and Oracle CRM OnDemand with ONE platform.

There’s no shortage of companies developing technology to monitor ever-changing buzz to paint a picture of consumer sentiment. But these software platforms are often targeted to those on the public relations and marketing side of a brand. Buzzient is taking a different approach, targeting those in a company who make decisions about which products to offer consumers, and what features to offer within those products.

Unlike most of our other intern sponsors, Buzzient is not venture backed, although it has private investors. Buzzient represents a growing trend of companies that are self-funded since inception, forsaking VC to bootstrap instead while they build value.

“We’ve created a culture of self-sufficiency that is very different from the mentality I see with so many venture-funded companies,” CEO and founder Timothy Jones in a TechCrunch interview.

Buzzient is taking advantage of work being done by the VDC’s entrepreneur in residence, and director of the Entrepreneurship Center, Dan Phillips, a business mentor with strong ties to the local tech community, and Edel Freitas who helps Phillips reach entrepreneurial students.

The Venture Development Center is Boston’s leading startup incubator for technology and life science companies.