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Schools and universities take great pride in producing high-quality content, but often only a small fraction of their alumni audience is reading it, or even knows it exists. U For Life, a social media company focused on alumni engagement and interaction, has unveiled its U For Life Facebook application, the first interactive social publishing experience that fosters highly engaged alumni community environments.

Leveraging the world’s largest social network, the U For Life Facebook application digitizes and distributes current and nostalgic content including yearbooks, alumni magazines, sports guides, newsletters and more. As alumni readers tag photos, post comments and “like” items, their interactions proliferate virally across the Facebook newsfeeds of friends and classmates, as well as existing school Facebook pages.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute is seeing results. “WPI For Life has given our alumni a reason to reengage with us on Facebook,” said Jodi Briggs, Senior Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. “In just a few weeks, more than 300 users have joined the conversation, and the numbers are growing exponentially every day as members tag friends and classmates, encouraging them to view and share memories and join the fun.”

Using proprietary, patent-pending technology, the U For Life Facebook application enables development professionals to keep up to date on their alumni and improve overall participation rates. The application also encourages alumni to network, rediscover lost friends and spark conversations. By raising alumni interest and readership levels, U For Life helps schools drive event attendance and reduce alumni communication and fundraising costs.

U For Life is a member of the University of Massachusetts Boston Venture Development Center.