Hiring student interns can be a great way to fulfill the day-to-day workload requirements of a start-up business and free up valuable resources to execute more strategic tasks. Hiring interns is also a more cost efficient model during challenging economic times.

UMass Boston students are under-grad and grad majors in Computer Science, IT, MIS, Bio Tech, Green Energy, Management, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, and many more.

UMass Boston’s venture capital community intern program is managed by Dan Phillips, who is a 25-year veteran of venture capital backed start-up companies. Dan will meet with the start-up company’s management team, understand their precise intern requirements, and will search, screen, interview and select finalists for the company to choose from. The time required by the company in this process is extremely small.

All start-ups have too much to do, in too little time, without enough resource. A start-up’s workforce is typically very expensive, however with limited resources, many start-ups are required to use their high priced talent to accomplish remedial tasks. We have seen interns provide great value in the following areas:

-lead database entry, de-duplication of data, database scrubbing, and data verification
-Event and lead generation program coordination
-Market research
-Web design/mgmt
-Scripted cold calling for webinar, seminar, and event attendance
-Lead qualification
-QA and scripting
-Code development
-Desktop and IT support
-Operations and facilities assistance
-1st level tech support queue administrator
-Accounting assistance
-Business modeling
-Financial research
-Foreign language verbal, written, and translation support
-All positions can fill in at front desk and assist administratively when needed

Dan Phillips, Entrepreneur in Residence, UMass Boston, has spent the last 25 years as an executive with four venture capital backed software companies. Two of these companies executed IPO’s and two were acquired by fortune 200 companies. The most prominent was as COO of Concord Communications which attained an $800,000,000 market cap and the most recent was as CEO of SilverBack Technologies which was acquired by Dell Inc.

Concurrently over the last 15 years Dan has self funded his own Scholarship/Mentor program for UMass Boston students where he has helped fund the tuition and fees as well as mentor 13 UMass Boston students.

Please contact Dan at:

Daniel Phillips
Venture Development Center
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd
Boston, MA 02125
W – 617 287 5783
C – 508 397 3611

Thanks – DP