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“The VDC has been pretty much a perfect environment while we designed and executed the key studies that really made the financing compelling for investors.”

Tim Harris

Co-Founder, Valerion

World-Changing Companies

In 2014, the winners of HealthXL, MassChallenge, Startup Health, Harvard College Innovation Challenge, Boston University’s New Venture Competition and the UMass Innovation Challenge chose to launch their companies at the VDC. So did the leading bioengineers in the world – James Collins, Robert Langer, George Church and Farren Isaacs.

Engineering life

enEvolv engineers microorganisms for variety of industries.

Healthcare, reimagined

FirstLine is an online doctor’s office that lets you instantly call, video chat or text with a healthcare professional.

Meet our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

They’ll help YOU reach your fundraising goals and build your company

Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence have vast experience in dozens of well known technology and life science companies.

Meet our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.



How It Works

Step 1

Pick the workspace and equipment you need to build your product.

Choose from wet or dry labs, offices and desks. Use specialized equipment in our core facilities.

Step 2

Meet with your mentor to achieve business milestones.


Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence have vast experience in dozens of well known technology and life science companies.

Step 3

Learn from our community of experienced entrepreneurs.

Teams from different universities and high tech fields have created a unique community achieving validation and investment on a much larger scale.

Step 4

Get warm intros to investors when you are fundable.

Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence will get you in front of the right investors. They’ll help you develop a target list of investors and a fundraising campaign.

Step 5 – Launch!

Micah Rosenbloom’s Sample6 achieved a Series A financing nine months after joining, then expanded into a place of its own in Boston.

Best of all, you do not have to give up equity to join the VDC!

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