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In 2014, the leading bioengineers in the world – James Collins, Robert Langer, George Church, Farren Isaacs - chose to launch a company at the VDC. So did the winners of HealthXL, MassChallenge, Startup Health, Harvard College Innovation Challenge, Boston University’s New Venture Competition and the UMass Innovation Challenge. They are tackling big opportunities in life science, finance, education, healthcare, entertainment and the environment.


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Companies Still Active

“The VDC has been pretty much a perfect environment while we designed and executed the key studies that really made the financing compelling for investors.”

Tim Harris

Co-Founder, Valerion

Special Big Data Offering

Are you a big data entrepreneur in healthcare or life science?

We’ll deliver industrial strength compute and sequencing resources as well as database expertise. Parabsse Genomics leveraged this infrastructure into a $2,000,000 round of financing.

Are you an international student entrepreneur who wants to launch a company here after you graduate?

We’ll sponsor your visa while you build your company. FirstLine out of Harvard Business School has set up a Boston headquarters as a result.

Everything you need to succeed in one place, no strings attached

(You do not have to give up equity.)

Unprecedented access to company building experience

Entrepreneurs-in-residence with vast experience in dozens of well known technology and life science companies are at your side, pushing you towards success.

Thriving community of peers

Teams from different universities and high tech fields have created a unique community achieving validation and investment on a much larger scale.

Best-in-class, fully supported work environment

The award-winning workspace meets your practical needs and instinctive desires like no other, from cafe-style interactions, to heads-down work in personalized, private space.

Talented interns

Our interns represent great value in marketing, sales, programming and laboratory support. We only recommend those we would have hired in our own startups.

State-of-the-art laboratories and core facilities

The furnished and permitted wet and dry laboratories are ready for immediate use. Plus you have access to the computational and genomics cores and a vivarium.

Limited membership

We limit membership to about 25 companies, and only invite five new companies to join each year, so we can devote attention to you. 

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