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Luhan Yang is the co-founder of eGenesis, hellbent on solving the shortage of organs for transplantation. The company launched at the VDC out of the Church Lab at Harvard Medical School, and later achieved a $38M Series A financing.

Turn your vision into reality.

Launching a company is hard.
Doing it as a first-time entrepreneur is harder.
And if you like Luhan are from another country who graduated from one of our universities?
It is unimaginably challenging.

We’ll be by your side, delivering the support you need when you need it, to turn your vision into reality, beginning with visa sponsorship. With thoughtful and meaningful individual business mentorship, connections and university resources. Backed by our years of experience and expertise.

Our Team.

The VDC team has been part of creating companies worth a billion dollars as both investors and entrepreneurs. You’ll get unprecedented access to company building experience.

Our Incubator.

The VDC offers a stunningly beautiful and well equipped 18,000 sf harborside incubator, with every imaginable type of instrument and workspace for technology and life science including an animal facility.

Our Companies.

The 25 companies currently in residence at the VDC are in the healthcare, financial, electronics, security, commerce, social, artificial intelligence, energy, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The founders are from 6 continents and 14 universities, including Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon and Columbia, creating a unique global community.

Our Results.

Investors in the companies include 5 of the top 10 venture capital firms in the world.

New Companies Launched

Dollars Raised by Companies

Employees at Companies

Become part of the VDC family.

We accept 10-15 companies annually on a rolling basis. Pricing is competitive. It is depends upon the type of workspace you use, laboratory, office or desks. We don’t take equity, and there is no per person fee. Most find we are the best value in Boston.

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