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“The VDC offers an excellent environment in which to build our company. Great facilities, support and community. The staff has also been phenomenal in their commitment to culture and understanding of the unique needs of a startup. They have a great track record with companies and we are inspired by all the innovative work our neighbors in the space are doing.”

Armon Sharei


Extraordinary Mentors

Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are all respected and successful serial entrepreneurs who have founded and operated dozens of well-known technology and life science companies.

Jim Counihan

Jim Counihan

Michael Gaiss

Michael Gaiss

John Hamilton

John Hamilton

Game-Changing Companies

Award-Winning Space Designed by the Women of Sasaki

The sleek, industrial design of the space captures the energy of startup companies while offering the refinement and resources of a seasoned corporation.

How It Works

Choose Your Space

Pick the workspace and equipment you need to build your product.  Choose from wet or dry labs, offices and desks. Use specialized equipment in our core facilities.

Meet Your Mentor

Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence have vast experience in dozens of well known technology and life science companies. They will work with you to set business milestones and make sure you meet them.

Engage with the Community

Learn from our unique community of experienced entrepreneurs.  These are teams from different universities and high tech fields are achieving validation and investment on a much larger scale.

Raise the Capital You Need

Once you have reached a fundable milestone, our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence will get you in front of the right investors. They’ll help you develop a target list of investors and a fundraising campaign.


Micah Rosenbloom’s Sample6 achieved a Series A financing nine months after joining, then expanded into a place of its own in Boston.

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