Leverage our facility, equipment, mentoring and services to achieve validation and investment on a larger scale

Arrive by Car, Train or Boat

The VDC is located in South Boston on Dorchester Bay. There is free shuttle bus transport from JFK/UMass MBTA Red line station. Door to door on the T from South Station is 22 minutes. Parking in one of the UMass Boston campus lots is $6/day. There is reserved underground parking for guests. And yes, there is a boat dock.

Meet with Peers

The cafe and lounge are the heart of the VDC, where members and their guests gather for informal exchange. After enjoying casual, cafe-style interactions, you can disappear into personalized, private spaces when you want to be alone.

Huddle with Your Team

The vast collaboration space features soft seating for impromptu team meetings and conversations, and enclosed work pods for scheduled meetings. The presentation room is used for formal board or investor meetings, but can also transform into an auditorium with glass walls that open for large events. The cafe and lounge are the heart of the VDC, where members and their guests gather for informal exchange. There is a terrace overlooking Dorchester Bay.

Crank in Private Laboratories

The BSL-2 wet laboratories accommodate a team of six persons. Each has benches; task chairs; biosafety cabinet; fume hood; incubator; freezer; refrigerator; cell detector and analyzer; air, vacuum and gas; and circuits connected to a back-up generator. There is also flake ice, autoclave, and glass washing machines, a Sony SH800 cell detector and analyzer and a Thermo Scientific Revco -80 freezer on emergency generator. We provide complete safety training, chemical and biological waste pick-up.

There are also dry laboratories each equipped with 12 work tables and task chairs, ideal for electronics or bioinformatics work.

Crank in Private Offices

There are dedicated offices of different sizes, fully furnished and serviced, ready for use by up to six persons. They include built in L- and U-shaped desks and task chairs. You and your extended team can also use the work bar and desks in the open area if you prefer co-working.

Use the Animal Vivarium

The Animal Vivarium (7,515sq. ft.) has a cage wash room, various procedure and housing rooms, behavioral test rooms, and barrier suites.

Leverage State-of-the-Art Core Facilities

On campus, in the new Integrated Sciences Complex, there are also core facilities established in 2015, with over 40 state-of-the-art instruments and equipment (examples below), available on a fee-for-service basis at a special rate for VDC members:

  • University of Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Cluster (256 GB, 64 core instances)
  • Fabrication Core (Object30 3D Printer; Roland MDX-540SA, Machine Shop)
  • Genomics Core (Illumina 2500; Life Technologies QuantStudio Flex 1200 qPCR; Nanodrop, Qubit, Agilent Bioanalyzer and Tapestation; Biomek Liquid Handling Robot; NanoString nCounter)
  • Imaging Core (Zeiss LSM 880 Confocal Microscope; Olympus BX53 upright and IX73 inverted fluorescence microscopes)
  • Flow Cytometry Core (Becton Dickinson FACS Aria III)
  • Proteomics Core (Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion LUMOS)
  • Barrier Suite Facility (Getinge GE6613 ERB 2 Door Steam Sterilizer)
  • Environmental Analytical Facility (HPLC; IRMS; GC-MS; ICP-MS; JEOL JSM-6010LA IntouchScope Scanning Electron Microscope; Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy; Smiths Detection FTIR Microscope; Cold Vapour Atomic Flourescence Spectroscopy)

Looking for a particular instrument? Ask if we have it, and we’ll get back to you asap!

Access Knowledge, Networks, Investment

Our entrepreneurs-in-residence, who have already succeeded in executing big visions, will be at your side. They’ll provide ongoing support based on a disciplined process that pushes you toward success. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are when John Hamilton has office hours. John is an accomplished executive with over 25+ years experience managing early stage startups to acquisitions and IPOs.

See also list of  Investors in VDC Companies.

Gain Visibility in Events

The VDC is a popular venue for events. Here, the Boston Globe’s Shirley Leung moderates a fintech panel featuring John Fawcett, Founder at Quantopian; Vivekdeep Gupta, Founder at Covrd; Joseph Hooley, Chairman and CEO of State Street Corporation; and Robert Reynolds, President and CEO at Putnam Investments.

Enjoy Services and Perks

All members enjoy one-to-one support by a VDC team that runs everything smoothly and continuously, so you can focus on building your business. Includes concierge assistance with shipping, receiving and reception.

VDC members can refresh during the day by checking out a kayak, paddle board or sailboat; heading to the fitness center; going for a swim; playing racquetball; or jogging along the Harborwalk. Every Thursday, we serve lunch to the community.