Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program

Now you can stay in the country and accelerate your business

We’re by your side

Launching a startup company is hard.
Doing it as an entrepreneur from another country who graduated from one of our universities is harder.
We provide the support you need, when you need it, beginning with visa sponsorship.
With thoughtful and meaningful connections, resources and mentorship.
Backed by our years of experience and expertise.

Visa sponsorship

By locating your company at the Venture Development Center, and working part-time contributing your specialized expertise to faculty, students and others who are trying to turn their ideas into action, you can obtain a cap-exempt H-1B visa anytime during the year.

Unprecedented access to company building experience

Spend the rest of your time developing your company until it can independently sponsor your visa. We’ll provide ongoing support based on a disciplined process that pushes you toward success. Our team has worked with over 1,000 startups from the ground up. 13 of the 34 entrepreneurs have already “graduated” with long-term visas such as green cards.

Professional workspace

Grow your company cost-effectively in an award-winning 18,000 sf harbor-side facility with every imaginable type of instrument and workspace for technology and life science at your disposal.

Thriving community

Join 19 other Global Entrepreneurs-in-Residence from universities including MIT, Harvard, Boston University, Penn State, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon and Stanford.

Strong backing

The first-in-the-nation Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence program began in late 2014, authorized by Session Laws: Chapter 287 of the Acts of 2014. The program is sponsored by the State of Massachusetts, Silicon Valley Bank, Goodwin Procter as well as other corporations.

Startup friendly terms

You do not have to give up equity in your company in order to become a Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence.



Visa Success Rate

New Companies

Employees at Companies

Dollars Raised By Companies

“It was two weeks ago when I learned my visa petition was approved. It was a big relief as I was literally being kicked out of the country…”
Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence and MIT Sloan School grad Alessandro Babini, co-founder, Humon


Global Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are a select group of the most promising who want to move to or remain in Boston after graduation to launch the next big technology or life science company. You are welcome to apply to become a Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence if:

  • You are an entrepreneur at a young, high potential company;
  • Your company is underway in terms of incorporation, financing and corporate governance;
  • You possess the necessary skill, experience and talent to qualify for an H-1B visa; and
  • You are committed to collaborating with UMass to further your own entrepreneurial training and the success of other entrepreneurs (e.g., by mentoring a student, training an intern, lecturing in class).

Your company is responsible for Venture Development Center membership fees and other related expenses.

Interested in becoming a Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence?

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, complete the form and we’ll be in touch for a telephone then in-person interview. You’ll get valuable legal advice on how to position yourself for long-term success.

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