You are now free to stay in the country and grow your business

If your company becomes a member of the VDC, and we appoint you as a Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence, you can get a cap-exempt H-1B visa, anytime during the year. This magic ticket gives you more time to develop your company and document your own achievements and abilities so you can obtain a longer-term visa.


The Massachusetts Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence program was authorized by AN ACT PROMOTING ECONOMIC GROWTH ACROSS THE COMMONWEALTH, Session Laws: Chapter 287 of the Acts of 2014. It carefully follows the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ “Guidance Regarding Eligibility for Exemption from the H-1B Cap.”

The “Guidance Regarding Eligibility for Exemption from the H-1B Cap” allows you to obtain an H-1B visa anytime during the year through your affiliation with UMass. You “affiliate” by locating your company at the VDC, and working part-time, as an employee of the VDC or your company, or both, in your area of speciality, furthering our mission to train entrepreneurs and promote innovation. You spend the rest of your time growing your company.


You are qualified to become a Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence if:

  • Your company is properly established
  • It has high growth potential
  • The company is locating in Massachusetts
  • You a key member of the company’s team
  • You have a bachelor’s or higher degree

Your company must join the VDC and is responsible for other related expenses.


The Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence program has been underway for eighteen months. Twenty entrepreneurs have been appointed. The companies the entrepreneurs are associated with have raised $118.5M in private investment.

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If you want to become a Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence, let’s talk. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch. We’ll give you valuable feedback on your visa options, and go over the complete list of what we offer.